Heritage 5000 Series

The Colonial contoured, woodcrafted look and clean lines of the HERITAGE 5000 Series window system is made with the efficient use of sash profiles that are designed for dedicated applications. Integrated sash lift handle and interlocks eliminate the need for snap-in profiles, ensuring many years of worry-free operation. The reduced number of parts required to fabricate this window results in a low-maintenance, better performing product. The right combination of form and function makes this high-performance window system both a modern and traditional choice.

  • Features & Benefits

    • Colonial contoured exterior vinyl profile design for woodcrafted window look.
    • Clean lines as the result of reduced snap-in components.
    • Dedicated sash system that allows each profile to perform optimally. The reduced number of snap-in components is suited to more automated fabrication resulting in production efficiency.
    • Integral keeper sash, lock sash and pull rail sash.
    • Reduced number of parts also results in lower product maintenance, better performance (water and air tightness) and improved aesthetic.
    • Wide selection of models: Single/Double Hung, Single/Double Slider, Tilt & Lift-out capabilities, Picture/Fixed Window, Casement, Awning, Bay Window, Bow Window and Special-shape window.
    • 3-1/4" frame depth - ideal for renovation/replacement market.
    • Fusion-welded frame and sash corners for strength, security, air/water tightness.
    • Interior glazing for easy glass replacement and security.
    • Designed for 7/8" and 1" IG unit.
    • Designed with a multiple weather seal system, the SGI-005 ensures the highest possible water and air tightness performance.
    • The SGI-005 casement frame features a co-extruded double bulb seal for easy fabrication and cost savings, as well as acting as a highly efficient air and water barrier.
    • Complete accessories and common parts available.
    • Available in select solid colors.